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Cactus love! This Cactus Fiesta party box is perfect for any modern Fiesta! Can be used as home decor, party decor, or as a photo prop, tassels can be moved around and/or removed easily.

Complete Party Box includes:
6ft Cactus Garland.
Gold “FIESTA” balloon letters.
15 Fiesta Paper Tassels.
38″ tall Cactus Balloon.
34″ tall Margarita Balloon.

Shipped comfortably in a large box to avoid damage as tissue paper is sensitive.


_ Tissue Paper.
_ Matte Cardstock cactus are strung on one piece of twine for easy arrangement. Please note that colors may vary from screen to screen.
_ **** Garland is meant for indoor use or minimal outdoor use. ****

Each cactus is approximately 6.1″ and 6.5″ tall.
Paper Tassels are approximately 14″ tall.
Cactus Balloon is approximately 38″ tall inflated.
Margarita Balloon is approximately 38″ tall inflated.
Letter balloons are approximately 14″ tall inflated.

Balloons are shipped flat and come packaged individually to be inflated by you.
Balloons are self healing. Do not overfill.
Letter balloons are air fill ONLY and will not float.
Cactus and margarita balloons can be inflated either by air or helium at your local party shop.


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